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Sterlink mini low temperature Plasma Sterilizer

External dimensions: 275 × 440 × 330 mm
Chamber dimensions: 206 × 346 × 113 mm (7L)
Weight, kg: 20
Cycle time:
– STERPACK®: 7 min;
– STERLOAD® mini: 18 min

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The Sterlink Mini is a low temperature plasma sterilizer for low temperature microbial inactivation by spraying hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) vapor.
Sterlink Mini with a chamber volume of 7 liters consists of two modules: a camera and a processor. The sterilizer can be placed in small rooms. The camera and the processor are connected by flexible tubes: the processor can be placed both under the table and next to the camera.

Sterilization in the Sterlink Mini does not generate toxic waste: residual hydrogen peroxide is converted into WATER and OXYGEN. Sterlink Mini is safe for clinic staff, patients and the environment.

⦁ None of the sterilization steps damage instruments that are sensitive to heat and moisture.
⦁ Plasmapp Co sterilization equipment provides a high level of reliability and a 99.99% sterility guarantee (SAL10-6).
⦁ The shortest sterilization cycle of 7 minutes is the time from pressing the start button to using the instruments.
⦁ Complete one-touch sterilization cycle with Smart Ready™:

All that is required from the staff is to install the cassette and press the “start” button, the sterilizer does the rest on its own:
— automatic determination of humidity and pre-drying of tools;
– automatic mode selection with an individual barcode on the cassette;
– instant verification of the effectiveness of sterilization at the end of the cycle.


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