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Nuve NC 300, 430, 570, 710 horizontal steam sterilizers

Chamber volume and loading volume in STU (standard unit = 600x300x300 mm):
NC 300: 300 liters, 4 pcs. STU
NC 430 / NC 430D: 430 liters, 6 pcs. STU
NC 570 / NC 570D: 570 liters, 8 pcs. STU
NC 710 / NC 710D: 710 liters, 10 pcs. STU

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Management, control and documentation

  • SteamArt™ Microprocessor Control System
  • Large color touch screen allows you to track all information about the progress of the sterilization cycle
  • 7 preset programs, 50 user programs
  • 2 test programs: Bowie-Dick test and vacuum test
  • Saving in the internal memory the detailed details of the last 1000 cycles
  • Independent control system to record the data of each cycle
  • NUVECom™ communication box as standard
  • USB port for writing cycle data to a flash drive
  • Standard RS 485 connector for PC connection
  • Built-in printer as standard
  • Safety, reliability and service
  • Chamber, steam jacket, doors and steam generator are made of 316L stainless steel and comply with Pressure
  • Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED)
  • Monolithic silicone chamber gasket
  • Comprehensive self-diagnosis system to detect possible failures
  • Service menu for quick troubleshooting in case of failure
  • Possibility to send e-mail messages in case of failures and errors (up to 5 addresses)
  • AlerText™ SMS alert GSM module (option)
  • Remote fault and error diagnosis with NUVECloser™ software (optional)


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