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Sterilizer-AeratorSteri-Vac series GS 8

Operating weight: 261 kg, single door; 269 ​​kg, two-door
External dimensions H x W x D: 179.8 x 94.0 x 109.0 cm
Internal chamber volume: 224 l
Chamber internal dimensions H x W x D: 46.0 x 51.0 x 97.0 cm

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Updated ethylene oxide low temperature sterilizer

Depending on the number of medical devices to be sterilized per shift, models with a suitable chamber volume are available:
136 liters (GS5 model) and 224 liters (GS8 model).
For Central Sterilization Departments (CSO) with different layout and organization of the process: for each of the models there is an option for one- or two-door modification.
Fully covers the need for low-temperature sterilization: 38°C and 55°C cycles are available.
The possibility of an error when dosing the sterilant is excluded – disposable cartridges contain the required amount of 100% ethylene oxide.
Each load can contain up to 20 lumen medical devices (e.g. rigid and flexible endoscopes)
Compatible with most packaging materials used in the CSO.
Automatically controls and documents key cycle parameters (temperature, humidity, vacuum level) during the sterilization process.
Cycle parameters are displayed in real time on a color LCD display. At the end of the cycle, the data can be displayed in the form of a printed report, or exported to a PC.


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