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Ocular/Volk aspheric lenses 60D, 90D, 78D, 165D

Aspherical lenses have the following advantages:

– high-quality glass;
– the image is not distorted due to a uniform increase;
– high quality optics;
– the shape of the lens has been patented, and has two aspherical surfaces.

Ophthalmology in Tashkent offers great opportunities for the treatment of eye anomalies.

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These lenses are worn comfortably as they are lightweight and thin lenses. The finished spectacles look attractive due to the fact that the spectacle lenses do not protrude from the frame even under high optical effects. Aspheric lenses are suitable for patients with nearsightedness or farsightedness problems. Now you can wear glasses in style, because the lenses are not weighted and thick. Lightweight and thin lenses fit perfectly into any frames.

The choice of frames can now be quite large, even when it comes to complex designs. High-quality lenses reduce lateral distortion of the image, the view is wide. Consequently, the load on vision is reduced, which positively affects the life of the patient.

Medical equipment in Tashkent can be purchased in high quality and at the best prices.


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