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Microceratom ML7 (LASIK) (standard)

Unique CLB Blade Container
• Non-contact system for installation and removal of blades from the head;
• Automatic blade orientation ensures easy and easy replacement of the blade.
Vacuum ring
• Uniform distribution of vacuum throughout the ring;
• The ring design allows you to work with difficult eyes, including small and deep-seated eyes;
• Easy to clean and process;
• Large selection of vacuum ring sizes.
Ergonomic and lightweight handle
• Individual motors for oscillation and advancement provide controlled oscillation;
• Fast connection and disconnection;
• Smooth screw drive.
Console ML7
• Large, bright, readable display;
• The built-in battery allows you to work for several hours;
• No vacuum loss;
• Almost silent.
Foot pedal
• Reliable design. Anti-slip pedal coating.

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Microkeratom Features of automatic microkeratom ML7:
• Ability to work with one hand;
• Unique CLB blade container system;
• Reliable vacuum system;
• Location of the handle: temporal, nasal, to the top;
• Absence of “On the Eye” assembly, which ensures short vacuum exposure time;
• Silent;
• The design of the head guarantees the inviolability of eyelashes and eyelids.


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