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Stellaris Elite vision enhancement facoemulsifier system

Adaptive Fluidics™ self-adjusting flow system
• Maintains fluid flow stability in the eye by varying the infusion pressure as the surgeon’s vacuum level changes at any given time.
• The real-time infusion rate constantly matches the changing vacuum level.
• With the Adaptive Fluidics system, the infusion pressure increases as the vacuum level increases.
• The system is switched on only during phacoemulsification and at the stage of irrigation-aspiration

Keeps pressure fluctuations under control
• Stellaris PC with Adaptive Fluidics dynamic settings and StableChamber® tubing system controls IOP peaks (when surgery starts) and IOP drops (when an occlusion breaks) better than the active mode of the Alcon Centurion system

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Models BL 11145, BL 14455, BL 15455

The Stellaris Elite Vision Enhancement System provides the doctor with true freedom to choose how to perform phacoemulsification, vitrectomy, or combination procedures with 20, 23, 25, or 27 ga toolsets at a maximum cut rate of up to 15,000 per minute.
• New design + cosmetic changes
• Updated GUI
• High-speed pneumatic vitrectomy
• Variable “duty cycle” of vitrectomy
• Accessories 27 ga
• 27 ga vitreotom with a “double-sided blade” guillotine and a speed of 15,000 cuts per minute
• Increase front cut frequency to 2,500 cuts per minute
• Vitesse™ technology: now researches on human eyes are conducted
• New ELITE & Vitesse Packs
• New accessories
• Automatic trocar installation system
• Cap-over infusion line
• Digital Media System (DMS)
• Adaptive Fluidics™ for surgery of a front piece
• Option with built-in endolaser


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