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How to register medical equipment in Uzbekistan?

In Uzbekistan, any medical equipment, tools and other products must be registered without fail. Without this, it is impossible to operate, sell and buy medical equipment.

This procedure is necessary to identify the quality of products, whether they meet high standards and norms. Only highly effective and high-quality medical products can pass the test. Let’s look at an approximate list of what should be included in the registry:

– consumables and medical supplies used for medical equipment;
– devices used for health diagnostics;
– rehabilitation and medical equipment;
– equipment for self-control and health checks;
– tools or devices that help to change or restore the physiological capabilities of a person.

BUT! Note that if products participate in international forums, fairs, exhibitions and research projects, they do not need to be registered.

What steps do you need to go through to register medical equipment?

– Collection of documents, preparation of an application and submission to the relevant authorities;
– Preparation of basic documentation, their completion;
– Conducting research and testing, so you need to get permission to bring test equipment;
– The collected materials are submitted to the registering organization.
– Laboratory and clinical tests are carried out, on the basis of which a report is prepared;
– If everything went well, a registration certificate is issued.

Is it possible to independently register medical equipment in Uzbekistan? Yes, but you will face the following issues:

– you need to know a lot of nuances that you have never encountered;
– registration can take a long time;
– it is difficult to understand the regulatory and legal sphere;
– and other difficulties that may arise during registration.

How can Meditech help with registration?

All paperwork will be handled by specialists. Thanks to this, you save time, money and nerves. The team of professionals have extensive experience working with regulators, so the registration process will take a relatively short time.

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