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Ophthalmology in Tashkent: supply of equipment from Meditech

The Meditech company specializes in the supply of medical equipment to Tashkent and other regions of Uzbekistan, to private and public clinics. Thanks to official cooperation with leading suppliers of medical equipment, the company’s specialists also provide full service maintenance of the supplied equipment.

High-quality medical services in the field of ophthalmology depend on the professionalism and qualifications of doctors. But reliable modern medical equipment allows you to get a correct and accurate diagnosis, which guides doctors.

Modern medical equipment is represented by high-tech devices, devices and even tools. They simplify and improve the work of medical personnel. The purchase of ophthalmic equipment allows you to:

– reduce the length of service time;
– make medical procedures painless;
– Provide accurate diagnosis and testing.

Ophthalmology in Tashkent is a part of medical services where it is important to update medical equipment in a timely manner. Unfortunately, many clinics still have Soviet devices that frighten patients. The latest models are of high quality, high precision and reliability.

To equip an ophthalmological office, you must purchase the following equipment:

– ultrasonic equipment;
– sign projectors;
– ophthalmic lasers;
– phoropters;
– optical biometers;
– and much more.

Meditech offers a wide range of consumables, devices and ophthalmic equipment. Modern technologies allow for the diagnosis of diseases, treatment and surgery at the highest level.

In addition to the supply of equipment, our company performs the following important tasks:

– guaranteed service;
– repair work;
– service maintenance;
– installation and commissioning of equipment;
– upgrade of outdated technology;
– advice on the purchase of any medical equipment.

The Meditech company officially cooperates with the companies-suppliers of the medical equipment. Therefore, there are all necessary licenses and certificates. Choose high-quality and reliable medical equipment from Meditech at affordable prices!

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