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Fiagon navigation system

Fiagon offers a reimagining of surgical instruments, providing unparalleled versatility. All of our instruments are “direct navigation”, meaning we have embedded micro-sensors into the distal ends of our instruments, allowing you to bend, flex and control your instruments without interrupting the operation

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Main ENT functions:
Patented detection and compensation of distortions in the electromagnetic field
Full screen video and image capture including endoscope and navigation
Using one or more screens
Integration of Zero-Footprint into your operating table or chair and endoscopic kit
Fusion of CT/MRI images
Advanced ENT options:
ear navigation
Fiagon navigation software is designed specifically for otology surgeons.
CMF navigation
Fiagon navigation software is designed specifically for surgeons practicing CMF. Easily create target structure for the damaged area by calculating the symmetry of the undamaged facial hemisphere.
Tumor navigation
Designed specifically for fusion of CT and MR images, Fiagon’s navigation software allows automatic overlay of CT, DVT and MR image data.


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