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Dental Unit KLT-6220

Doctor’s block
— lower giving of tools;
— touch control panel;
– gun water / air / spray;
— 3 tubing connector M4;
– negatoscope;
– silicone autoclavable mat.

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Assistant block
— touch control panel;
– a vacuum cleaner;
– saliva ejector;
– water / air / spray gun.
Patient chair
– synchronized chair movement, soft stop and start;
— 2 armrests, swivel right armrest;
— the control pedal is round;
— plastic overlay for legs;
– the main switch of water, air and electricity at the base of the chair;
— 2 chair position programs;
– 3 programmable chair positions.
— fast positioning;
— adjustment with one hand;
– the most stable position of the patient’s head.
— rotary removable ceramic spittoon;
– controlled cup filling and spittoon rinsing system;
— hot water temperature constant;
– autonomous water supply system
Doctor’s chair
— comfortable upholstery design;
— anatomical seat;
– flexible back
– Die-cast aluminum stool base.


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