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ENT combine Otocompact Professional

OTOCOMPACT PROFESSIONAL is a new model in the line of ENT combines Euroclinic. Wide functionality is provided by a complete set of tools for various manipulations in otorhinolaryngology. Simple operation and excellent ergonomics will ensure comfortable work of the doctor.
Production: Euroclinic, Italy

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1. The body of the ENT unit is made of stainless steel and painted with epoxy powder
2. number and type of drawers
– 3 drawers for storing instruments, the top one is equipped with a UV germicidal lamp to maintain the sterility of instruments
– a compartment equipped with holders for instruments or tampons
– compartment for used tools
– compartment for trash can
3. convenient rotary console, on which the aspirator, water syringe, insufflator and medicine nebulizer are located
4. self-contained aspiration system
5. water syringe for ear rinsing: automatic temperature control at 37 ° C, splash proof, metal tip
6. self-contained insufflator complete with Politzer olive
7. spray handle: 2 dispensers and 2 bottles (liquid and powder medicines)
8. For convenient use, as well as displaying the operation of the ENT unit and all its components separately, a special touch screen is provided, located near the console with the instrumentation. The touch screen allows you to control the functions of the lorcombine, as well as control the operation of devices:
– patient chair control
— display on the display of all included devices
– control of the water level in the tank
– pressure control
— function of setting the timer for heated mirrors
– adjusting the intensity of the LED lamp
– data on the sum of hours of operation of each device:
UV lamps,
– The monitoring and warning system instantly displays on the touch screen
information about a malfunction of the function, accompanying the message with an audible signal:
critical liquid level in tanks,
increase / decrease in pressure in the irrigation / aspiration system,
the need to replace the UV lamp.
9. heated mirrors with the ability to set the timer
10. Three built-in LED light sources with standard Storz type connectors. Lighting intensity can be adjusted both from the touch screen and with the help of dimmers located above the light sources
11. Removable, plastic reservoirs for storage and disinfection of endoscopes. Reservoirs for clean endoscopes are white, dirty endoscopes are black


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