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ENT combine CU 5000

The CU 5000 ENT combine is distinguished by its well-thought-out equipment, advanced features, high ergonomics and innovative design. This model can be retrofitted with separate attachments to optimize the working space according to the equipment standard.

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Irrigation compressor: 2.3 kgf/cm² ± 0.3 kgf/cm²
Aspiration compressor:
maximum flow rate 100 l/min
maximum discharge 680 mm Hg. Art.
Irrigation system, automatic on / off of the irrigator when removed from the external holder and returned to its place Irrigator with a straight-type tip, for spraying medicines – 4 pcs.
Aspiration system, automatic on / off of the aspirator when removed from the external holder and returned to its place: Aspirator – 2 pcs.
UV Sterilizer: 253.7nm 5nm
Rapid heating device: For otoscopes and mirrors – 1 pc.
Illuminator on a curved mount: 1 pc.
Medical containers for storing drugs on a hanging table: Bottles 11 pcs.
Ventilation: 1 piece
Tray for doctor’s instruments with heating: 1 pc.
Management of the main functions by means of the touch panel -inclusion/switching off of power supply;
– chair position control (up, down, right, left, home position);
– turn on the lighting
– turn on the rapid heating device;
– activation of ventilation;
– turn on the negatoscope.
Tabletop Material – artificial stone
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1800 mm x 709 mm x 800 mm ± 10%
Total weight: 178 kg
Power consumption: 1200 A
Power supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Stainless steel containers for various types of doctor’s instruments:
Capacity with a diameter of 100 mm – 2 pcs.
Capacity with a diameter of 83 mm – 9 pcs.
Capacity with a diameter of 53 mm – 3 pcs.


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