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Victus Femtosecond Laser System

VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Capabilities
Formation of perfectly smooth corneal flap for subsequent laser vision correction femto LASIK
The corneal flap is formed in less than 20 seconds with a frequency of 80 kHz. The surgeon has a choice of any parameters of the flap to be formed (diameter, thickness, leg position, pulse energy) taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s eye in each particular case. This is most important in patients with a small cornea thickness. The slice is perfectly even and has the same thickness throughout, which cannot be achieved using a conventional mechanical microkeratom. The accuracy of flap formation reaches 10 μn and reduces the likelihood of complications.
only a single combined Technolas excimer and femtosecond laser system is installed in the Vision Recovery Center. All stages of the operation take place in one operating room.
Femtosecond cataract removal
Almost all stages of cataract removal: accurate circular capsulorexis, limbal incision, lens destruction are carried out using a laser beam. Incredible level of safety for the patient’s eye, all stages in automatic mode.
Keratoconus Kertoring Correction
Formation of tunnels for implantation of corneal ring segments in patients with keratoconus.
Eye cornea transplant
Formation of corneal graft for lamillary and layer-by-layer transplantation.

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The Technolas VICTUS femtosecond laser system has more than just the functions of a laser microceratom, like most manufactured femtosecond lasers capable of performing only various corneal incisions. Many applications allow it to be used both in refractive surgery (laser vision correction) and in cataract (femtosecond cataract removal), as well as in reconstructive corneal plastic. A unique feature of this laser is the ability to perform visual correction in patients with presbyopia using the latest Intracor technology, by forming special rings in the inner layers of the cornea, without violating its integrity. This single safest technique will eliminate the need to use reading glasses after 40 years.
The Victus femtosecond laser is a flexible tool used to treat a wide range of medical indications. It provides a personalized approach to each operation with easy-to-manage CUSTOMFLAP ®, CUSTOMSHAPE ®, and INTRACOR software that provides complete computer control of the entire procedure.


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