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Lens processing machine LE-320P

1. Flat polishing wheel (Ø100 mm, width 11 mm)
2. Rough grinding wheel for glass lenses (Ø100 mm, width 14 mm)
3. Fine grinding wheel + 4. Flat grinding wheel (Ø100 mm, width 23 mm)
5. Coarse grinding wheel for polycarbonate and CR lenses (Ø100 mm, width 15.6 mm)
1. Centralizer
2. Template cutter
3. Pump
4. Water box
5. Hose
Size: 510 * 490 * 400 mm
•Weight: 49 kg
•Power: 500W
•Power Supply: 220V, 50 Hz
•Quality: Grade 1,

European Certificate of Conformity
See the difference between LE-320P and LE-400
schemes of stones (circles). LE-400 –
newer model

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Equipped with special materials, the LE-320P automatic edging machine inherited the design style of the Supore LE series automatic edging machine. The machine is easy to operate and is capable of accurately and stably processing lenses to the desired size.
Available lens range: 22~100mm
•Processing type: pointed edges, platband, flat edges, conical polishing
•Suitable lens material: CR plastic,glass, polycarbonate
•Keyboard: waterproof, dark red color


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