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Perimeter of automatic Oculus Centerfield II with accessories

Technical specifications
• Perimeter sphere radius 30 cm
• Field of view angle 36 °/70 °
• Stimulus parameters Goldmann Standard
• Goldmann III stimulus size
• Stimulus brightness 0.1-318 Cd/m1
• Increase in stimulus brightness 0.1 log step
• Measurement speed Adaptive/fast/normal/slow
• Duration of stimuli 0.2 s, 0.5 s, 0.8 s, arbitrary
• Interval between stimuli 0.6 s, 0.9 s, arbitrary
• Stimulus color White/Blue
• Color perimeter Blue incentives on a yellow background
• Background brightness 10 Cd/m (32 asb)
• Control of CCD camera fixation, by means of central threshold, Heijl-Krakau
• Static Perimeter Classic, Threshold, Fast Threshold, Over Threshold, CLIP Strategy
• Kinetic perimetry Automatic 4 isopters on arbitrary meridian, sector and at arbitrary speed
• SPARK Innovative program for fast (3 minutes) and high-precision early-stage diagnosis of glaucoma
• TNT Innovative Disease Progression Analysis Program
• Patient accommodation Adjustable chin, supporting cone
• Weight 13 kg
• USB interface.

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Key Benefits
• OCULUS Centerfield 2 is one of the few compact devices with such worthy functionality.
• High diagnostic accuracy is required to implement automated systems, reducing human participation in the research process.
• The patient’s head position is adjusted from the central control panel. The chin support is regulated in a wide range, providing the ability to work with patients of different ages.
• The automatic perimeter of OCULUS Centerfield 2 is designed, tested and assembled in Germany, corresponding to the high status of the inscription “Made in Germany.”
• The manufacturer leaves the possibility of upgrading the equipment to expand the standard functionality.


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