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Dermatome ST5 M10-400

Small dermatome tip (40 mm)
16,000 cpm
290 x 65 x 50 mm / 730 g

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  • Specially designed tips for a variety of applications
  • Small, medium and large heads provide precise cutting results in different areas
  • Lightweight and cordless ergonomic battery-powered system provides mobility
  • Fast, easy and safe blade change mechanism
  • 10 levels of cutting thickness adjustment, 5 basic and 5 intermediate levels for precise results.
  • High quality dermatome blades for precise and smooth effects
  • Offers 40mm, 80mm and 120mm cutting width options for standard use.
  • (With a clip to reduce the width, can be cut to a specific size)

Dermatome Ceramic Blade
Provides 10 times the sharpness of traditional steel blades.
Biocompatible ceramic material based on zirconium oxide (Zr02).
Not affected by chemicals
Provides measurement stability with a rigid design


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