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Optical coherent biometer Aladdin HW3.0 Topcon

To obtain the best results, each formula for calculating the strength of the IOL requires the most accurate information about the axial length and radius of the cornea. Interferometry is considered the gold standard in obtaining accurate measurements of axial length. This proven technology is also built into ALADDIN; thanks to the unique design of the device, even an extensive catracta is not an obstacle for it. Topcon introduces the new RCR (Real Corneal Radius) technology, which allows the ALADDIN biometer to analyze approximately 1000 points in the central three-millimeter section of the cornea and obtain the same reliable measurements of the corneal radius as when using any Topcon autoceratorefractometer. This ensures unsurpassed accuracy in determining the spherical force of the IOL.

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Cataract surgery is one of the most frequently and accurately performed surgical procedures worldwide. Both patients and surgeons expect very high results from such operations, which in turn means that modern cataract surgery is also facorefractive therapy.

Traditional optical biometers provide accurate data for determining the spherical strength of the IOL, but do not provide sufficient information to fully understand the refractive properties of the optical system of the eye.

Topcon is able to give a complete picture with the new ALADDIN device. ALADDIN supports the surgeon both in choosing the spherical strength of the IOL and in choosing the optimal premium IOL for each eye.

When developing the ALADDIN biometer , three main points were taken into account:
point data collection and snapshot acquisition; all necessary measurements are performed in just 5 seconds.
The proven interferometry technology and the innovative RCR (Real Cornea Radii) technology allow us to obtain very accurate information about the axial length and radius of the cornea for the most accurate selection of the spherical force of the IOL.
Ease of use
To print an IOL report with accurate information about the spherical force of IOL, you only need to press 3 buttons. The 10.1-inch color touchscreen monitor with a wide viewing angle responds quickly to commands and is convenient to use.

Accurate calculation of IOL strength


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