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Technical characteristics of the SOM2000D operating microscope
Magnification of the eyepiece 12,5X/18
Lens focal length f=200
Magnification for the main microscope Continuous variable from 4.6X to 27X, motorized and manual control
Magnification for assistant assistant 6X, 10X, 16X
Precise focusing distance for assistant microscope ≥30 mm
Maximum resolution 119 LP/mm
Adjustable optical power of lenses in diopters ±7D
Range of regulation of the interpupillary distance 50 mm – 75 mm (main microscope 45 mm – 80 mm)
Field diameter 46 mm – 8.5 mm
Working distance 170 mm
Lighting source 12v/100W Halogen lamp for medical purposes
Lighting type 6°+ 0° coaxial lighting from a cold light source and 26° inclined lighting.
Coaxial lighting ≥80,000 lux (halogen), 1-9 levels,

panel control

Oblique lighting ≥60000 lux (halogen), 1-9 levels,

panel control

Maximum length of the unfolded bracket 1230 mm
Adjustable vertical movement range 880 mm – 1420 mm
Fine adjustment speed and range ≤2 mm/s, ≥50 mm/s
Speed and range of movement in the X/Y plane ≤2 mm/s, 50 mm X 50 mm
Power Parameters AC 220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 170 VA
Fuse AC 250V   T4.0A, AC 125V  T8.0A
Electrical safety standard IEC601-1 standard
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Designed for ophthalmic, orthopedic and surgical operations by a surgeon and an assistant. The SOM2000D is equipped with an assistant microscope, an electronic zoom system, X/Y axis movement and a switch pedal control. Advanced Optical Balance technology Apochromatic provides accurate binocular fusion, improved stereoscopic perception and optimal color reproduction.

The SOM2000D operating microscope uses an illumination source that is harmless to the eyes. The lighting is uniform and has a high intensity. The spatial balancing system used in the SOM2000D microscope provides high maneuverability of the lens and makes it easy to point it in any direction. The design of the module in an electrical design is equipped with a set of self-diagnosis functions for malfunctions, which significantly reduces maintenance costs. The adjustment functions include – magnification, focusing, horizontal movement, mounting in a certain position and tilt, while magnification, focusing and horizontal movement can be carried out using a pedal


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