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Autoceratorefractometer RMK-700

Advantages of the RMK-700 refractometer:
🔹 High-quality, reliable, providing accurate refractometry and keratometry data;
🔹 Using the HUVITZ optical system manufactured in South Korea, which allows you to obtain very accurate measurement data;
🔹 The LCD (color) display provides a clear image of the patient’s eyes, menu items and capture targets during measurements.
Easy positioning of the patient during research due to the fact that only the measuring path moves, and not the entire optical head;
🔹 The ability to carry out refraction measurements in patients with an artificial lens, without resorting to switching menu parameters;
🔹 Intuitive interface that allows you to work with the device without carefully studying the instructions.

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The RMK-700 autoceratorefractometer is manufactured in China.

A refractometer is a device that makes it possible to analyze the refractive ability of the eye and measure:
🔸 Corneal diameter;
🔸 Distance between pupils;
🔸 Pupil size.


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