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Pediatric autorefractometer V100

Ophthalmology in Tashkent is also for children. Pediatric autorefractometer V100 has the following advantages:

– pleasant sounds for children’s hearing;
– the rotary screen provides convenient measurement of sight;
– you do not need to have special knowledge;
– automated screening allows you to get understandable, objective and detailed results;
– can be comfortably used for screening;
– the device is equipped with Wi-Fi technology;
– results are issued in the shortest possible time.

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Shunghai Mediworks Precision Instruments Co., Ldt introduces the V100 pediatric autorefractometer for pediatric vision examination. Medical equipment in Uzbekistan makes it possible to check the eyesight of children without tears and tantrums.

This is a portable device for diagnosing and identifying abnormalities in children from the age of six months. The device allows you to check both eyes at the same time, being at a distance of one meter. As soon as the device focuses on the pupils, automatic data calculation starts, the result is obtained in one second. This is an easy-to-use device, controlled by a touch screen.



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