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Advantages of the pediatric autorefractometer V100:
✅ the rotary screen creates convenience when measuring vision;
✅ attractive sounds for kids;
✅ does not require special skills;
Automated screening provides thorough, objective and
understandable results;
✅ easy to use for screening examinations;
✅ Wireless data transmission via Wi-Fi;
✅ high speed of getting results.

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PEDIATRIC AUTOREFRACTOMETER V100 manufactured by Shanghai Media works Precision Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Vision screener V100 is a portable diagnostic device designed to quickly detect deviations from normal vision in patients from the age of 6 months. The device can display both eyes simultaneously from a distance of 1 meter. As soon as the pupils are in focus, the device will automatically calculate and show the results within 1 second. The touch screen provides users with the convenience of using a smartphone.



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