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Optical coherence tomograph Dri Oct Triton Topcon

B-scan. The large informative content of the images contributes to improving the efficiency and quality of diagnostics.

The high penetrating power of light from a frequency-modulated source provides a simple and clear visualization of such deep layers of the eye as the choroid and sclera. Another advantage of a frequency-modulated source is the ability to visualize the vitreous body and the vascular membrane equally clearly and without interference in one scan. Due to this, there is no need to waste time on separate scans of the vitreous and vascular membrane


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scanning of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye with the technology of a frequency-modulated source (Sweep Source) – the DRI OCT Triton device. DRI OCT Triton is capable of creating full-color photos of the fundus with high resolution, and can also be used for fluorescence angiography (PHAG) and autofluorescence of the fundus (AFGD). The PHAG and AFGD research functions are present by default.

Frequency-modulated source technology and 1050 nm wavelength

Optical coherence tomography with a frequency-modulated optical radiation source is significantly superior to conventional OCT. Thanks to the optimization of the long-wave radiation source (1050 nm), the scanning light penetrates into the deeper layers of the eye. Moreover, such scanning light penetrates better through cataracts, hemorrhage sites, blood vessels and sclera.

Ultra–high-speed scanning – 100,000 A-scans per second

The scanning speed is approximately twice as fast as that of the SD OCT device, which allows you to get more images in one


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