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Pascal synthesis laser photocoagulator (532nm) and (577mm) with Sla_G7_V3 with a table

Endpoint management (option)

Endpoint control is a method of precise control of laser energy relative to the titration level. This is especially important for treatment at low energies. Endpoint management begins with titrating the laser power to a barely visible burn, then the doctor selects the percentage of this energy to be delivered to the treatment sites. Endpoint control can be used for both 532 nm and 577 nm laser wavelengths.

The “endpoint” approach to laser therapy allows the doctor to constantly work therapeutically towards invisible methods of treatment. When burns are not visible, the biggest risk is the lack of therapeutic effect.

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Precision and control thanks to PASCAL technology:

Short pulse duration for targeted burns resulting in less collateral damage.

– Continuous laser pulse using high-speed galvanometers provides uniform pulses and faster pattern delivery. – The exact distance between the patterns. – 4-Fiber Beam provides constant depth of field for all spot sizes, resulting in consistent and predictable absorption

Features of the Synthesis Laser system:

– Available with both a wavelength of 532 nm and 577 nm.
– Smooth scanning adapter compatible with Haag Streit diagnostic slit lamps.
– Compact design, ideal for use on an outpatient basis or in the operating room.
– Dual ports provide the convenience of switching between LIO and the endophotocoagulation sensor. without exchanging connections
– intuitive touch screen interface provides a variety of templates and template options
– endpoint management for less disruptive treatment


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