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Iridex IQ 577 nm yellow laser

Type: Solid-state laser Radiation modes: Continuous (CW) Micropulse (MicroPulse) Output power, mW: 0-2000 CW, MicroPulse Radiation wavelength, nm: 577 Maximum power, mW: 2000 Minimum power, mW: 50 Minimum power adjustment step, mW: 10 Laser radiation parameters in standard mode: Pulse duration, ms: 10-3000 CW (up to 60 s in continuous mode) Pulse duration adjustment step, ms: 10

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577 nm solid-state laser developed on the basis of innovative technology — The first laser system with micropulse coagulation mode for radiation in the visible part of the spectrum — The radiation wavelength coincides with the absorption peak of hemoglobin Advantages of laser exposure with a wavelength of 577 nm — Reduced laser power level during coagulation compared to lasers in the green spectral range – Less beam scattering when passing through the refractive media of the eye – More uniform tissue damage in the focus of coagulation – Absorption peak corresponds to hemoglobin, high efficiency in coagulation of vascularized pathological structures with minimal damage to adjacent pigmented structures – Radiation is not absorbed by chromatophores retina, less retinal phototoxicity – Reduced risk of patient pain


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