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Electrosurgical unit ES120

The EMED ES-120 electrocoagulation device is a “small” device in the ES series of coagulators, successfully used in such fields as gynecology, dermatology, cosmetology, otolaryngology and dentistry for superficial operating procedures.
This is the best solution if you need to buy a coagulator for an outpatient clinic. practice of a specialist gynecologist and / or surgeon.

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Monopolar coagulation – the EMED coagulator ensures the passage of current in the area of ​​contact with the patient’s skin due to the active electrode (in the form of a loop, lancet, ball, needle, etc.)
– Incision: monopolar coagulation mode, in which the active electrode has a lancet, loops or needles. The result of exposure is the formation of a clean wound without coagulation, suitable for biopsy or a wound with a thin layer of superficial coagulation.
– Bipolar coagulation: differs from monopolar coagulation in that it has two points of contact with the patient’s skin, through which the current passes. The EMED coagulator provides bipolar coagulation with tweezers, scissors or forceps. Bipolar coagulation can simultaneously take place with cutting mode.
The EMED coagulator contains a microprocessor system. Thanks to its capabilities, monopolar coagulation and bipolar coagulation have become even more reliable, safe and effective. When rebooting, when the device is used improperly, when the elements overheat, a blockage occurs, the protection system is triggered, in this way the coagulation process is controlled and the patient is protected from burns and wounds. Each time the coagulator is connected, it performs a self-test for system and usage errors.
The EMED coagulator is needed in such areas of medicine as dentistry, surgery, dermatology, cosmetology, otolaryngology, gynecology, etc.

Output power:
Soft monopolar coagulation: 120 W
Rigid monopolar coagulation: 120 W
Bipolar coagulation6 120 W
Monopolar cutting
Net cut: 120W
Mixed cut: 120W


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