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Excimer laser TECHNOLAS® TENEO™ 317 Model 2

Treatment options:
🔹 ZYOPTIX HD is a personalized aspherical intervention based on wavefront analysis and taking into account individual aberrations of each eye. It allows you to eliminate the existing high—order aberrations and minimize the induction of spherical aberrations.
🔹 ZYOPTIX HD ECO Mode is a variant of the treatment procedure for myopic eyes with an ECO-version of the profile.
PROSCAN – reduces the likelihood of inducing unwanted spherical aberrations while maintaining the natural aspherical shape of the cornea. This procedure can be optimized for each patient depending on the individual K and Q constants.
PROSCAN ECO Mode – the ability to correct myopia with a non-aspherical ablation profile.
SUPRACOR is a type of LASIK for patients with presbyopia, which provides almost complete independence from reading glasses, good distant vision and improves vision at an intermediate distance.
TRANSEPI PRK (PTK+PRK) is a procedure for modifying the corneal stroma with laser removal of the epithelium.

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TECHNOLAS® TESTO™ 317 Model 2 excimer laser manufactured by Bausch & Lomb Germany, features an ideal balance between the quality of surgical technology, ergonomic design and intuitive control. TESTO 317 Model 2 is a fast-working, small-sized excimer laser with the most reliable eye movement control system.



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