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Slit lamp: function and characteristics

The slit lamp in Uzbekistan is one of the most necessary equipment for the work of an ophthalmologist. Thus, the doctor will be able to examine the organs of vision in multiple magnification and find out if there are any pathological signs at any stage of the disease.

Our company supplies such medical equipment to Uzbekistan, its registration and repair of ophthalmic equipment in Uzbekistan. You can find a quality slit lamp from the best manufacturers in our company. We will help you to choose an ophthalmic device, taking into account all the criteria and equipment parameters you set.

The slit lamps consist of an LED and halogen light source, a binocular microscope and a face support. The type of model is determined depending on the purpose and conditions of use of the equipment. These can be portable or precision slit lamps. For example, the former can be used at the patient’s home, outside the ophthalmologist’s office. And the second, only in specially equipped rooms for an accurate examination of the eye.

The procedure itself is completely painless and harmless. The light from the equipment should be directed towards the eye. And with increased sensitivity to light, eye drops can be used as a local anesthetic. Thanks to the practicality of the slit lamp and the built-in functions, by selecting a light filter, contrast, light level, an ophthalmologist can determine the smallest manifestations of pathology and make an appropriate diagnosis. Thanks to advanced slit lamp technologies from leading manufacturers, the ophthalmologist will be able to accurately identify any defect and prescribe effective treatment.

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