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Phacoemulsifier Stellaris

The Stellaris Elite Vision Enhancement System microsurgical system gives the clinician true freedom of choice for phacoemulsification, vitrectomy or combined procedures with 20, 23, 25 or 27 ga instrument sets at a maximum cut rate of up to 15,000 cuts per minute.

Benefits for surgeons and their patients:

  • The only vitreoretinal surgical system equipped with a dual light source and color filters that allow surgeons to better see eye tissues in various surgical conditions;
  • allows surgeons to make the smallest incisions, both in retinal and cataract surgery;
  • capable of 1.8 mm MIX phacoemulsification, as well as complementing the existing patented Bausch + Lomb 25 caliber instrumentation system for retinal surgery, along with standard 23 and 20 mm instruments;
  • equipped with lightweight, ultra-fast vitrectomy probes for conventional and transconjunctival vitrectomy (TSV).

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