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Electrosurgical generator EMED ATOM Smart

Atom Smart is equipped with an advanced measurement system that automatically adjusts output power in real time according to changing field conditions based on output measurements.

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Atom Smart is an electrosurgical device that uses high frequency current to cut and coagulate tissue. The device allows you to perform procedures in monopolar and bipolar modes. The device has a fully automatic output power adjustment based on real-time monitoring of operating parameters. The desired effect on tissues is constantly repeated in any working conditions.
The Atom Smart electrosurgical system is controlled by a touch screen which provides the user with easy access to all functions. Settings or operating modes are changed by touching the icons on the screen. For maximum ease of use, there are no additional
buttons or knobs. Atom Smart is equipped with two universal outputs SDS, which identifies the connected device, automatically configures the appropriate operating modes and output parameters for the connected device.
The small size and aesthetic design of Atom Smart, as well as reliability and ease of use, provide maximum comfort in work.


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