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Ophthalmic surgical microscope Leica M822 F40

The equipment is designed for ophthalmic surgical interventions of high precision and productivity. The optical system (8th series) is equipped with an innovative double illumination: halogen and LED lamp, which allows you to get a stable and unsurpassed red reflection. Microscopes are designed to perform cataract surgery more efficiently and accurately.

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Lighting and optics The combination of LED and halogen light source guarantees three-dimensional, bright illumination. The innovation, coupled with the Leica optical system, provides an unparalleled view for ophthalmic surgeons. This allows you to perform operations on the posterior and anterior segment of the eye. Leica optics Using the latest ophthalmic surgical microscopes, it is possible to obtain an image that has natural color, a high level of contrast and sufficient depth of field. This allows the specialist to obtain the necessary information for the operation to be successful. The M822 F20 series equipment is equipped with APO OptiChromeTM 800 series optics. Low Light Intensity This concept features exceptional light transmission and also features the high intensity of the OttoFlexTM coaxial system. Benefits for the surgeon and the patient: Natural image acquisition for improved viewing comfort. Reduced glare of the cornea and a high level of efficiency. The concept of low light intensity improves the result of surgical manipulations on the organs of vision.


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