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Ophthalmic surgical microscope Leica M220 F12

Leica M220 F12 is a microscope that opens a series of specialized ophthalmic products. It is used in daily ophthalmic practice and includes the best practices of the company. The equipment is available for clinics with different budgets and is able to fully meet the needs of an ophthalmic surgeon.

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Features and Benefits
The new equipment is based on an apochromatic optical design, which is characterized by chromatic and spherical aberration of 3 or more colors. Positives: High level of performance. Thanks to the apochromatic five-stage change of magnification and focus correction, the examination / operation process is simplified and accelerated. Innovative lighting. A stable red reflection is achieved with a direct type LED light source. Increasing the level of comfort for the doctor. Superb optics create a sharp and contrasty image with excellent depth of field. Low maintenance cost. Insignificant financial costs are due to the use of LED elements with a nominal service life of up to 60 thousand hours. An additional advantage is the flexible placement of equipment in the operating room environment. The high degree of freedom in the position of the microscope is due not only to the compactness of the device, but also to the large extension of the carrier rod.


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