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SL-2G slit lamp with topcon three-stage magnifier


    • Thanks to the LED backlight, continuous lamp replacement is not required.
    • The available slit lamp is fully equipped with all the functions necessary for a comprehensive eye examination.
    • Specially treated Topcon lenses provide the traditional optical superiority of Topcon and a bright, clear and distortion-free appearance.
    • The ergonomic design provides easy access and increases user and patient comfort.
    • A variety of filters improves observation, including the absence of red for monitoring blood vessels and nevi and cobalt blue for fluorescein staining and IOP measurement.
    • The Topcon omnidirectional joystick and lifting mechanism ensure smooth, smooth movement, and the cross plate shift ensures precise tool positioning.
    • The ability to rotate at an angle from 0 to 180 increases the flexibility of use.


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SL-2G is a clinical slit lamp for eye research. It is equipped with a compact lighting system with an LED light source. The device is equipped with an adjustable slot mechanism with an aperture of up to 14 mm. The angle of the slot can be rotated 180 degrees, and a set of red and cobalt-blue filters can be installed using the lever. Magnification changes are made through a rotating drum with 10x, 16x and 25x magnification. The eyepieces have a converging Galilean type and allow the attachment of a beam splitter. Additional mounts for applanation tonometers of the R-900 and 870 types are available.


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