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Ophthalmic surgical microscope Leica M530 OHX

The Leica M530 OHX microscope is a high-tech device that, using innovative FusionOptics technology, combines improved depth of field with high resolution to create the clearest image of the surgical field. It is due to these and many other advantages that this surgical microscope provides the most accurate, minimally traumatic and efficient work. In this regard, it is ideal for neurosurgical and plastic reconstructive operations.

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Fast, easy setup with intuitive touch screen; an optional magnification multiplier that can give an additional 40% increase; SpeedSpot system based on converging laser beams provides the fastest focusing; independent system for fine-tuning the focus for the assistant; the microscope has two different computers in its system, which allows, in case of failure of the PC responsible for video recording, to continue performing operations; electromagnetic brakes, hidden cable routing and a wide range of movement of the optical unit provide easy maneuvering during the operation, even in the most difficult conditions; no need to work with a magnifying glass, for example, when performing surgery on the spine due to the working distance increased to 600 mm, which allows the use of instruments of various lengths; Three fluorescent modes: -FL800 for blood flow imaging using ICG fluorescent agent; -FL400 for imaging tumors using the 5-ALA fluorescent agent; -FL560 for observing fluorophores with an excitation peak of 460-500 nm, emitting radiation with a wavelength of more than 510 nm. In conclusion, I would like to note that the Leica M530 OHX from Leica Microsystems has a lot of advantages over its competitors and creates comfortable conditions for specialists when performing operations of increased complexity.


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