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Keratotopograph CA-800 TOPCON

If you want to buy medical equipment in Uzbekistan, then pay attention to this ophthalmic device. Keratotopograph has the following advantages:

– white-to-white measurement;
– meibography;
– integrated database;
– imitation of the installation of contact lenses;
– calculation of toric IOLs;
– carrying out Zernike analysis;
– pupillometry;
– fluorometry;
– topographic examination of the cornea.

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The Japanese manufacturer Topcon Corporation presented the development of the CA-800 keratotopograph. This corneal analyzer is an excellent solution for a complete examination of the anterior surface of the cornea. 3D mapping of corneal curvature can be displayed. And also this tool serves for a complete analysis of the state of the cornea. For example, it can determine the likelihood of developing keratoconus, which is important for ophthalmology in Tashkent.

Additionally, the device has the function of online video recording of fluorescein visualization and visualization of fluorescein.


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