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Lens Processing Machine ALE-1600

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1.7-inch LCD touch screen with high definition:resolution 1024×600; data can be saved, power off, and can be stored
500 data of the template; changes of the form:The scanning form can be changed freely (for exaggeration or reduction of the left direction, for the topfromup, for the bottom, or for exaggeration and reduction of the resistance);
4.Operationinterface is very fast;
5.3 seconds of fast scanning;
6.The interface can be used to provide a view of the input PD, phase of the convenientty;
7.It can meet various material lens processing requurement(CR-39, PC, HC,HI,glass, etc.) ;
8.Gear position adjustment is free: user can adjust the format of the full-volume self-service(auto,33%,55%, do not bend forward, curve backward, etc.)
9.Precision and parallax optical scanner,optical center-sensor with high-speed scanning speed, low-frequency interruptions;
10.Combined scanner center for the quality of one dispenser;
11.External storage systems canprovide containers for convenient storage for the customer;
12.Built-in wheels with a small diameter of 90mm, a high speed of processing.


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