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Repair and registration of ophthalmic equipment

Any technique tends to fail from time to time. Therefore, our company not only supplies high-quality medical equipment to Uzbekistan, but also provides maintenance and repair of ophthalmic equipment in Uzbekistan. Thanks to certified specialists, we carry out the best repair and diagnostics of medical equipment. We also provide a wide range of services. Our specialists often attend training to qualify and improve their knowledge and skills.

The failure of medical equipment occurs due to the supply, frequent use and failure of the system. Timely repair and diagnostics of equipment is necessary for the smooth operation of equipment. We provide a wide range of diagnostic and troubleshooting services.

We provide timely maintenance, diagnostics, timely registration of medical equipment in Uzbekistan, a guarantee of high quality and service in the shortest possible time. Our high-quality specialists will provide you with high-quality service and repair at a professional level.

What types of services do we provide:

guarantee of high quality of service;
supply of spare parts and service;
control of a specialist over the correct functioning of equipment;
repair of equipment in the shortest possible time;
equipment with the necessary material for repair work;
diagnostics of medical equipment.

Our company will be able to provide you with a repair with a guarantee of quality and provide serviceable equipment for the provision of medical services. Our company is responsible for the quality and conscientiousness of the work of specialists at a professional level.

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