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Looking for surgical instruments for ophthalmology – then you are in the right place!

Our company MediTech is the largest company that is rapidly developing in the field of supplying special-purpose equipment for medical institutions. We carry out a comprehensive supply of advanced equipment and their devices to medical or diagnostic institutions. All instruments, necessary furniture, equipment for microsurgery in ophthalmology in Uzbekistan are supplied by our company, which can provide a medical institution with all the necessary ophthalmic instruments.

We also supply advanced ophthalmic equipment that is necessary for diagnostics and surgery. But that’s not all, we also have the opportunity to supply special furniture for use in ophthalmology and diagnostics. For diagnostics, we have a number of special equipment. For example, these include:

– Apparatus for processing lenses
– Autorefkeratometer (with table included)
– Analyzer of visual functions
– Non-contact tonometer
– Keratotopograph
– Computerized non-contact tonometer, etc.

These devices have different purposes. For example, with their help, a qualified doctor can measure keratometry, make a comprehensive examination, measure the anterior and posterior surface of the cornea, pachymetry, and many other examination and diagnostic procedures. You can find such high-quality surgical instruments for ophthalmology in Uzbekistan in our company with a guarantee of quality and efficiency.

Our company provides you with a wide range of choice of instruments for ophthalmology, for research and diagnostics, for making accurate diagnoses, as well as for qualitative examination of patients. After all, the advanced equipment supplied by us meets all the norms and criteria of international standards. Due to the high-quality materials from which the supplied equipment is made, the products are dominated by strength, stability, and durability.

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